Why should you believe in Astrology?

I believe that “we are not just living inside the Universe, but that the entire Universe is living inside of us!” This concept is not merely a metaphysical idea; even the most significant scientific minds now concur that humanity’s origins are tied to the stars. We are all composed of stardust! ✨

Every atom of oxygen in our lungs, every molecule of carbon in our muscles, every trace of calcium in our bones, and every drop of iron in our blood originated inside a star long before Earth existed. Hydrogen and helium, the lightest elements, were born from The Big Bang. Science teaches us that Super-Nova stars exploded, ejecting their various elements into the vast cosmos. 🌟

The explosions of these diverse stars and the release of their components initiated the cosmic journey of the stars. This journey ultimately led to the ancient stardust evolving into organic life on Earth. In essence, humanity represents the elements of the Universe embodied in human form. When a new person becomes renowned, it’s like saying, “A Star is Born” – because, in truth, a star is born with every new baby. 🌠

In ancient cultures, everything visible in the night sky was considered a star. As a professional astrologer, I’d like to clarify a crucial distinction: astrology doesn’t assert that stars control your life. Instead, it suggests that the stars are an integral part of you. They represent diverse energy patterns within you, shaping your physical body, emotions, and thoughts. 🌌

Albert Einstein, one of history’s most renowned scientists, expressed two powerful ideas about the workings of the Universe: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” (Think of this as energy transforming from stardust to human existence.) “Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” 🌐

Einstein’s scientific understanding aligns with my metaphysical view of the Universe. It emphasizes that everything is composed of energy, each with a specific frequency pattern. Accurate astrology teaches that every planet (or star) in our solar system possesses a distinct energy frequency. These planetary frequencies exist in the cosmos and vibrate to varying degrees within each of us. 🪐

For example, if you seek to infuse more passion and zeal into your life, you can tap into the energetic frequency of Mars within you to activate your inner champion. Conversely, if you yearn for increased beauty and love, you can align with the energy of Venus, an ancient symbol of beauty and love. 💫

Every person on Earth carries the energies of all the planets in our solar system within themselves. Your birthdate determines the importance and intensity of each planet’s influence in your life. Some planets may powerfully shape your personality, while others play a more subtle role. Many astrologers believe in reincarnation, suggesting that your affinity for certain planetary traits arises from past lifetimes. Thus, you enter this life with developed skills and tendencies. 🌍

However, even if you don’t embrace reincarnation, astrology can offer valuable insights for everyone. 😊