When I was nineteen during my studies in Germany, I decided to go on an exchange university student program to India.

Even with a wide variety of choices for an exchange student program between high-level living standard countries like USA, Canada, Australia etc. my soul was pushed mystically into direction of India.

Quite frankly, I wanted to see real life of poor people in order to appreciate more what I have.

Instead of living I a hostel as a usual exchange student, luckily my host family suggested me to stay in their place and I landed in a huge wealthy house of highly spiritual Brahmans family.

The host mama was pregnant, expecting a baby and after one month she gave a birth to her child.

This was a point when an astrologer came to our host family house and as it traditionally happens in India gave a talk about the child’s birthday chart.

Like many nineteen-year-olds, I was a little lost which direction to go, so I asked my host family to give me a chance to talk to astrologer as well.

The Indian astrologer explained me my chart, he said he could interpret it to help me to gain more understanding into my inner patterns, which would help me make better choices in my life.

He explained me that I can use my talents, as a Scorpio Rising, with such strong and intense aspects and if I am in line with my own higher nature, I have a tremendous power of a healer to transform myself and society around me.

He was right.

My direct and sometimes aggressive kind of expressing my thoughts which is considered as a negative quality, was described by astrologer as a powerful tool and a creative blessing.

I was intense, with an extremely positive outlook on life I felt nothing can bother me and I can achieve anything I want.

In my heart I felt there was something special inside of me that needed to be expressed.

Because of the astrologer I started to look for a way of expressing that strong and creative power and I made extensive studies in astrology, numerology, cards, yoga, and nutrition.

Now I am extremely clear that I am here to encourage and guide.

When we do what our natural gift is, our lives become easier.

Due to indicating where the places of energy flow are everyone can achieve great health, financial security, supportive friends and family.

Astrology and cards is a great tool for that that can change your life around and bring more love and harmony in it. What now matters to me is sharing the helpful wisdom found in everyone´s birth chart and cards to guide and help people.

Thank you for taking your time to meet me and please contact me if you feel you want to grow and redirect your life and live on the positive side of it.