Natal Chart reading by looking at the Sun Sign

If someone felt low energy or aimless in life, why would we look to the natal chart to see what house their Sun is in to help them? 😊

We would look to their Sun to ensure:

They develop their traits and what their soul seeks in this lifetime. To understand their sense of purpose and Life Focus. Each astrological house corresponds to specific areas of life, such as career, relationships, family, creativity, or spirituality. When you examine the house where someone’s Sun is placed, you can gain insight into their life’s primary focus or theme. For example, if their Sun is in the 10th house, their life focus might be on career and public recognition. Understanding this can help them connect to their goals and activities in this area of life, potentially bringing more purpose and energy.

To understand their challenges, analyze the negative aspects like squares. After understanding the challenges and hindrances the clients may get stuck into, they can act and move forward more easily, feeling more filled with passion and aim.

Identifying a person’s strengths, for example, a child has his Sun in the 9th house, so the parents may encourage the child to learn foreign languages more or to go to foreign countries more and explore different cultures, religions, and traditions. Or let’s take the example of a person with the Sun in the 4th house, he has a solid connection to home and family. We would encourage him to embrace family bonds, create a comfortable home, practice emotional self-care, seek supportive relationships, set healthy boundaries, and explore creative expression related to home and family themes. The house where the Sun is sitting is where a person can “Shine in the world.”

Why are planets that aspect the Sun in a natal chart so essential to look at? 🌟

Planets that aspect the Sun in a natal chart are essential because they add depth, complexity, and insight into a person’s personality, strengths, challenges, and life themes. These aspects provide a more nuanced understanding of a person’s astrological profile. For example, a person with a Sun-Mars square may face challenges related to assertiveness and personal drive. In contrast, a person with a Sun-Neptune trine may naturally be inclined toward creativity and spiritual pursuits. 😊

Why might someone not feel like their Sun Sign in their natal Chart? Why could this be a problem for them in their life? 🤔

– If you do not feel like your Sun sign, the more you do the traits of your Zodiac Sun Sign, the more you will see how you can grow these skill sets. It would help if you acted like your Sun Sign description. If people are not following their Sun energy, they may get depressed or lack energy, leading to diseases. 😞

– Their Sun Sign is in a late degree.

– Their Sun Sign is the only planet in the Zodiac Sign

– They have a lot of other planets in other Zodiac Signs that are prominent in their chart 😊