Destiny Cards: 6 clubs. Why it’s called the “Missionary Card”?

The Six of Clubs card, also called the “Missionary Card,” has a special meaning for those connected to it. People who relate to this card often feel they have a special mission in life (these are people born on  -March 30, April 28, May 26, June 24, July 22, August 20, September 18, October 16, November 14, December 12). This mission inside of all people born on that day is about sharing deep knowledge and helping others.

This feeling of having a purpose is very strong and comes from deep inside them. It’s so strong that they can’t doubt it. But there are some questions about this. Where does this feeling come from in a Six of Clubs person’s life? Why are they chosen to share deep knowledge? And when do they start feeling this way? These questions are about understanding the unique journey of someone who connects with the Six of Clubs card.

Let´s look at the Moon Card of a six of clubs person. Their Moon Card in the life spread is 8 of hearts. Generally, the Moon Card shows us how we were nurtured and supported or how our main caretaker (usually our mother) was for us as children.

The environment that shaped the 6 of Clubs person in the context of Neptune was one full of vibrant playfulness and an active environment in childhood. The position of 8 of hearts in the Grand solar spread is Neptune/Jupiter.  The 6 of Clubs is often seen as a card of the missionary. The missionary Card’s name comes from their Moon Card – 8 of hearts, suggesting a calling to do meaningful work for the betterment of others.

The childhood of 6 of clubs person was embraced by an excessive and active lifestyle. Their connection to Neptune, the planet associated with dreams and the distant, hinted that they might have been born in a foreign land or traveled extensively from an early age. Their life journey took them from the depths of unfamiliar places to the heights of knowledge and wisdom.

From their earliest days, they were deeply influenced by matters of spirituality and religion (7 spades displacing in spiritual Spread), perhaps raised in a devout family or even by missionaries. These early experiences left an indelible mark on their character.

Despite their knowledge and wisdom from early childhood, these individuals possessed an unwavering stubbornness rooted in the belief that they held a profound truth. This tenacity likely developed from the confidence they gained through their extensive travels and exposure to different cultures and beliefs.

As children, they showed an unusual level of wisdom and maturity, perhaps beyond their years. Their upbringing may have been marked by sibling rivalry or conflicts with their parents, contributing to their early development of a strong sense of self.

In adulthood, they channeled their spiritual and humanitarian inclinations into meaningful endeavors. They might have embarked on missions to different countries, dedicating themselves to helping underprivileged children, or they could have settled in a different continent and played a crucial role in their local church community.

In summary, the person represented by the 6 of Clubs and influenced by Neptune’s distant and dreamy energy had a life marked by vibrant experiences, early exposure to spirituality due to their Moon Card 8 of hearts, and a strong sense of purpose. They overcame challenges in their upbringing to become a source of guidance and support for others, driven by their deep-seated belief in the truth they had discovered through their remarkable journey.